I Need Caron Simply Soft Shadows in color # 0004 Autumn too!

Caron Simply Soft Shadows in color # 0004 Autumn.

I love this yarn and it knits up very pretty. I don’t understand why they would quit with it so soon.

The dye lot is # 37528. I am willing to chance a different lot number if the other can not be found. Please leave a message if you have one to trade or sale.

There are a few people on Ravelry that are offering theirs for sale: http://www.ravelry.com/yarns/library/caron-simply-soft/stashes?status=&cf=red&photoless=0&search=

I really would like to finish a project for Christmas.

If anyone has this yarn, please contact me.

Did you see the info Sandy posted?

Yes, but those that are for sale are different colors. I have contacted others there but have gotten no reply.

Oh I see…the ones Sandy linked to are the wrong yarn…not shadows. I looked up the shadows and while there are a lot in stashes it looks like no one is trading or selling. :shrug: