I need Bobble Help!

For a full day, I have been trying to make bobbles according to the following pattern:
[k1, p1] twice, k1 in next stitch – 5 stitches, turn, p5, turn, pass 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th sts over first st one at a time, then k tbl(through back of loop).

My problem: the bobbles look nothing like bobbles! Maybe I’m not knitting 5 stitches into one correctly (I’m not sure how to do that, I’ve done it several different ways). Can anyone help? Thanks! :ick:

You knit into the stitch, but don’t slide it off. Bring the yarn to the front and purl into the same stitch, again not sliding it off. Bring the yarn to the back, knit it, bring the yarn to the front, purl it and then slide it off.

Sometimes the bobble doesn’t look like a bobble until you’ve done the next few rows of knitting. Did you try continuing?

thank you, I will try your k/p method, instead of just knitting into the stitch. Since I thought that I was doing it wrong, I haven’t been continuing, but I’ll give that a shot. Thanks again.

If you’re finding the K1, P1 in the same st too difficult and want to experiment a little more, you could try kfb instead of K1, P1 in the same st (so kfb, kfb, k1 all in the same st, slide off left needle then turn and continue)…or…YO instead of the P st (so K1, YO, K again into same st, YO, K again into same st, slide off left needle then turn and continue).

If you want a bigger, poofier bobble, add an extra 2 or 4 rows before you decrease (so for 2 extra rows make the 5 stitches, turn, p5, turn, k5, turn, p5, turn, pass st 2-5, then k tbl - repeat to for 4 extra rows).

If you do your bobble in a different st, it will pop more, too - so if your background is stockinette, do reverse stockinette for your bobbles. This means after your first turn and you’re on the WS, you would knit that row, not purl - then purl the rows on the RS. After you decrease and move on to the next st, you would continue in stockinette (knitting on the RS and purling on the WS). Doing this method doesn’t change your initial row where you increased - i.e., you can still increase as directed and just begin your reverse stockinette on the first row after turning.

Question please …

My bobbles arent attached all the way around is that supposed to happen? I hope that makes sense … there are holes on the sides of my boobles.

Also I’ve been told that you can make individual bobbles and then attach them to your item is this true? Is it quicker than incorporating it into the pattern?

Your “boobles” :rofling: wouldn’t be attached all the way around since you knit a row or two of them by themselves.

I don’t think I’d ever have the patience to sew on extra boobles.:lol:

Here’smy favorite bobble how-to. The pictures and directions are for a smaller bobble than you’re making. But, I hope they will help.

Yes, you can make the bobbles separately and attach them, but it is not faster, it would be slower. You are knitting them right in and don’t have to attach them. The other way making them is about the same, and then you would have to go to the trouble of attaching each one of them and working in ends for each of them. That’s why Ingrid said she didn’t think she would ever have the patience for that. Me neither, unless it was only a couple of them. LOL

That does make sense … It just takes me sooooo long when I’m knitting them in as I go along … I guess I’ll pick up speed soon.