I need an Elementary teacher..quick

Hi all…my “second grader” missed school on Wednesday, so Thursday (just my luck) brought home her “missed work” to make up…Here goes: She needed to write her “phoneme” in the box, then write her 5 rhyming words under it…:roflhard: WTH (in laymans terms…please) is a Phoneme??? Her teacher has not yet contacted me…Any help appreciated:hug:

The smallest phonetic unit like /b/ in bat.

Basically, she writes her phoneme, like /b/, and writes her word, bat, and then does rhyming words- cat, mat, sat, pat, rat. . .

I am assuming that is what is meant, but now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem very second grade so I might be misconstruing. I hope I helped.

I’ll further explain, it is it’s own contrasting sound unlike in digraphs or blends; st, bl, sh, ch. . .

Thanks alot, is it introduced in a higher grade?? I was sooo lost at this…she showed me an example from one of the other kids and I thought it was like this: tame…(ame) as the phoneme, so ryhme name, same etc…

Thank you!!!

tame is not a phoneme, /t/ in tame is the phoneme

Got it…Thanks