I need all you smart knitters opinion

I am getting ready to knit a blanket for my mom’s clinic. She is on a reservation and she said they could really use some. So I found a pattern http://thriftyknitter.com/?p=293 and I went out and bought the yarn today but now I am having second thoughts. Here it is - http://www.ravelry.com/people/michelle627/stash/cotton-ease, I bought 5 skeins but I have the receipt. Do you think that would be too harsh for a newborn baby? I see on Raverly that there is a bunch of pink that would probably be better.

So what do you think?

I’m not sure I qualify as a smart knitter, but I don’t think cotton would be too harsh for a baby. Plus, cotton should soften up as it is washed so maybe if you wash it with some fabric softner after you knit it it would feel better to you.

oh I am sorry, the cottonease I am sure will be fine, its the color of the yarn. Its called Azalea and its kind of like a strong deep raspberry, not sure if that would be a good color for a baby I do not know:shrug:

I think it would be great for a baby! There is no reason beyond tradition to use blue and pink, or even yellow and green. I made a few baby sweaters for friends of my daughters. One was purple, the other hot pink. I like non traditional colors although I have nothing against the others either. I’m sure they will find a baby (or mother) that will love it!

I agree. I’ve often knitted baby items in bright, primary yarns and they are always a big hit. They are so bright and cheerful that it makes people smile. Go for it! And what a wonderful thing to do~

I think the color will be fine! Seriously, when it comes to babies, I don’t think anything really matters because they make everything look cute :teehee: Dark colors, bright colors, even really bad outfits…lol…And trust me, I know about that! My father and mother in law have gotten some awful clothes for my son, but he makes them look cute when he wears them…lol

The color you have is gorgeous and I think it will be just fine for a little one.

I agree with the others. I think the color will be fine. My thought is the strong color won’t show dirt or stains as easily either. Babies are good at that.

Thank you all so much! :grphug: I will keep the color, I like it but was not sure about it. Micheal’s did not have a big selection so I grabbed what I thought would be best. Now that I am looking on Ravelry, I see that there are pinks, maybe I will try to find that for next time, and then there are colors for boys…

I moved beyond traditional pastels with my last baby… infact I went with a baby ‘primitive’ theme with colors such as burgandy, creme, brown, deep green, and mustard yellow. I got so many compliments on how beautiful it was. I think the color is just fine. It doesn’t always have to be pink, blue, yellow, or mint! And besides, a gift is wonderful no matter what!

That sounds like a yummy color. I’m making things for my expected grandbaby and I warned the kids they would be in `nontraditional’ baby colors. Some are bright, some are dark. Why should baby things be pastels?

I like the Azalea color, and think the darker colors would be better at hiding dirt than the pale colors.

I think baby things are often done in pastels because bright colors are so stimulating for babies, and they can be too stimulating sometimes - in a sensory overload type way. But that doesn’t mean everything needs to be in pastels, either. You just wouldn’t want everything in bright primaries.

Cotton is so wonderful for babies, and for moms as well. Very absorbent, tough wearing, easy care and economical! AND doesn’t mind being wet!

Check out some of the multi-colored cotton yarns, too. Sugar and Cream even has some self-striping in colors that’ll hop down the road! They’re GORGEOUS, and very eye-catching.

Your pattern is awesome. I’ve knit those hooded baby wraps in the past and they are so appreciated and so useful!

Good luck with your project! It’s wonderful of you to contribute so much skill and care.

Happy knitting,
Ruthie :waving:

not to mention (speaking from experience here) the parent will get tired of all the pastels and want something bright and bold for their little one.