I need a very basic dishcloth pattern for a 10yr old

My GS who is 10 likes to crochet and is spendinf the night tonight so that Nana can show him how to Knit:thumbsup:

He wants to make a dishcloth. But I am looking for the bare bones very easy way to show him. I don’t want to teach him the yo yet as in the diagonal dishcloth. I need to find something that will teach him to cast on and just knit and turn and knit until bo.

I thought about just teaching him how to co and then just work in garter sts . If I did how many co sts should I have him do? and should I have him sl the first st? or not?

He really wants to make himself socks.

He’ll be here soon, please if you can help with any ideas I’d appreciate it.

I think about 45 stitches would probably work for a simple dishcloth in garter stitch. :thumbsup:

Oh look I found a pattern for a basic dishcloth in garter.

Try testing the yarn and needles you’ll let him use. Cast on, say, 10 stitches, and knit several rows (5 or so) to get a good feel for the tension. Then measure the work, and use the number of stitches you get and how long it is for your guage.

[(# of stitches cast on)/(inches of test piece)] x desired number of inches.

In other words, something like this… here’s an example:

You casted on 10 stitches and knitted them.
The piece measured 2 inches.
You want a 6 inch by 6 inch dishcloth.

So use your guage (10 stitches per 2 inches), and multiply it by your desired length (6 inches) to get the right number of stitches.

(10stitches/2in) x 6in = 5 stitches/in x 6in = 30 stitches.

That’s what my 9yo dson is working on now, as a gift for his grandma! Its just garter stitch, and he is enjoying it-although it’s rather slow-going :teehee:

So how did the lesson go?