I need a project idea?

What would you love to get, as a knitted gift, at your baby shower… for a surprised gendered baby?

a blanket
a sweater and hat
a toy

If it were me making it, I think the blanket, but most everyone thinks of blankets.
Whatever you decide, make sure it goes in the washer and dryer and you’ll score.
Purple or red, maybe, instead of pastel yellow or mint green.
I guess, too, how much time and $$ you want to spend matters…

felted diaper bag/tote

If you think you might like to go down the baby blanket trail, here’s an idea for you: use a mixture of all the pastel colors in stripes. This makes a lovely blanket, which is gender-neutral!!

Another idea might be to knit some booties in neutral colors or I like the idea of the washcloths suggested by GG!

Most of all, choose a project you’ll enjoy and have plenty of time for–but I bet you already knew that, huh? :wink:

Well, I’m an old Grandma now, but I do remember (strange how it seems like only yesterday) my own childrens’ baby shower gifts. I never had too many washcloths and towels; really liked towels with wee hoods.
and baby blankets are just wonderful. I don’t know a single tot who doesn’t get attached to a ‘blankey’ (or two or three).

The striped pastels one suggested by Antares sounds like a great idea!

If you go to Crochet Central, find the directory, click on Baby items. The next screen will show Toddler and Preemie.
Click on Preemie and scroll down to find Open back bootie. I think that’s the name but it’s absolutely open back, not backless.

I’ve made a few, very easy, very pretty.

Full size afghans (crib sized)
small afghans (carseat sized)
wash cloths
burp cloths
stuffed animal

I use either yellow or baby pastels when I don’t know gender.

Did you decide?