I need a pattern for a lady bug

Help! I need a 2ish and 3ish inch ladybug to embelish a baby blanket. Sort of like a knitted flower … only a ladybug.

I have searched the net and I tried making my own pattern. The net search only gave me a ladybug PJ bag … and my trying to knit a circle with a head was a DISASTER! I am still at the “knititng place” where I am learning to follow a pattern (thank you Amy for videos) WHAT WAS I THINKING!

Does anyone have a ladybug pattern … or can you tell me how to knit a circle with a half circle on the top … from there I think I can make it (her) look like a ladybug :slight_smile:

I’m sure I have one at home–there are several ladybuggy things in one of the kids books I have. I’ll look when I get home.

Here’s a sweater with ladybugs on it…


The blanket is already knitted I need to attach the lady bugs to the blanket. I should be able to adjust this pattern to make it smaller, but for the life of me, can’t figure out how! Probably because I don’t completely understand the pattern :slight_smile: I am still at the step by step stage of following patterns, and this one is very general.


Why dontcha just use your yarn needle & stitch them on…kinda like counted-cross stitch but following the knit stitches?


I don’t have a pattern for ya, but have you seen this book?

I believe there is at least a ladybug bobble pattern in there, so you may be able to adapt that some how. Also, they have the cutest patterns!! I have checked this book out so many times from the library drooling over everything, but the patterns are beyond my comprehension right now.

Good luck!

ps hippodamia is the genus name for lady bug! I love em!

Kelly, It is a “loopy” blanket … mostly for decor and not snuggling baby. It is made with cotton yarn on big needles using grandma’s dishcloth pattern. I will post a picture this evening. My timer is about to ring and I am grounded from knitting and the computer for three hours due to the pile of dishes in the sink, tons of laundry and the fact that we moved several weeks ago and there are STILL boxes sitting around :slight_smile: Imagine, a 53 year old grandma having to ground herself…sheesh! I usually use the timer method, 30 min good stuff, 30 minutes chores … but today calls for drastic measures.

Ladybug, I will check my library website for the book as soon as I am ungrounded. Thanks!

I found this one, but it is crochet
Good Luck!

I’m getting that you want to knit a seperate lady bug and sew it on the blanket? Maybe you can print out some knitter’s graph paper. If you have a picture that you like, put the picture under the graph paper and tape it to a window (during the day, of course). Trace the pic on the graph paper and you have a pattern.

Worth a shot. My patterns that I have are all pics knitted on something else.

Ingrid, Yes, I need to sew it on to the blanket. I have never knit from a graph … I think I could draw a ladybug or find some easy clip art … are there directions on how to figure out what stitch … and would I still purl every other row. Should I search … knitting from a graph…? Thanks for your help.

anp, that is a good example, thank you. I would have no idea how to crochet it …

Knitting from a graph, and actually counted cross-stitch graphs are good for knitting also, isn’t difficult. You follow the chart from right to left on the front in knit stitches and from left to right on the back in purl. You will need to switch colors for the spots, but since I imagine it wouldn’t be too big you could strand the yarns across the back. One stitch for each square–piece of cake.

The only thing that would be difficult, in my realm of experience, would be to shape it nicely into a round shape with a head. Knitting it on a background would be fairly easy, though.

Did you want to knit a three-dimensional one?

How about knitting a red ball and knit or duplicate stitch some black at the top for the head. Add black duplicate stitch dots and a line down the middle for wings. Add two black yarns from the head as antenae.

Here is a pattern for a 3.5" ball. The ball can be smaller if knit with thinner yarn than worsted weight.


family circle easy knits for kids book has a kids lady bug sweater on the cover. I dont have this book but have seen it. I do have Vigue knitting 99 and it has a lady bug and a bumble bee sweater and a hat made from icords. I can try and post the instructions, very little to it , it seems
red is color A and black is color B
with two dpns and A cast on 7 sts. (note: at begining and ending of every row, do not turn, but slide stchs to beginning of needle to work next row from RS, as when making an I-cord)
ROW1: *K1 A, k1 B, rep from * end k1 A
ROW2: K3 A, k1 B, k3 A
ROW3: k2 TOG TBL A, k1 A, k1B, K1A ,K2tog A
ROW4:K2tog tbl B, k1B, k2togB
ROW5: SKP2P with B. Fasten off

Hope this helps you. The are really cute little critters all around the sweater and hat. 3 -d and really look like ladybugs

I’m glad you reminded me. Earlier today I was going through Zoe Mellors Animal Knits for Kids and there are patterns for a cushion, blanket and hat with ladybugs (ladybirds in the book). The had doesn’t have a motif on it. The whole thing looks like a ladybug, antennae and all!

I sort of did my own thing … adapted from the PJ bag pattern … then felted. They are blocking right now. I will take pix and post soon. I am not toooo crazy about them and need to change some things.

InterNette, I will give the pattern a try, THANKS! Ingrid, I will check that book out from the library . My granddaughter’s room has ladybugs and it would be fun to make a pillow.

I used the pj bag pattern http://www.craftown.com/knitpat4.htm for the large lady bug and sort of made up my own from that for the little one. I am not really crazy about how they turned out but my granddaughter loves them. I trimmed (yea felting) the little one into a better shape … and made the head smaller. I am going to try again on the small one, now that I know what to expect. Next time, I will start on one side and increase, change colors and only make one row of black then decrease and only pick up stitches for the head. On the small one, I will use “french knots” instead of satin stitch for the spots. I also think I will use larger needles so I can felt them longer but they won’t be “thicker”.

I used Pattons 100% merino and it felted in 3 minutes.
After felting - large 12 " small 3"


That’s so cute! But boy, talk about the miracle of felting!!

Wow! Those are cute!!! I will be stealing this (hopefully!!) in a few months. My cousin (who has had a lot of infertility issues under went treatment 2 months ago and got the green light to get pg!) LOVES… a little too much… ladybugs! I wanted to make her something when she has a baby!