I need a new project

Here are some pics I took of the “am I ever going to finish” dishcloth. I’m using crochet thread left to me from my mother-in-law. Almost finished.

It looks good!

Looking very nice! I’ve never tried knitting a dishcloth from the crochet thread before. How does it work up compared to the worsted weight cotton most of us use?

Love it so far … pretty colors!

It’s a lot lighter that the regular cotton worsted weight dishcloths I normally knit. It looks like it will dry fast.

Oh this is fantastic! What a trooper you are! A lot of stitches in this! Your work looks so nice and even!

Way to go! Quick drying sounds like an added bonus.

I finally got this dish cloth finished. Turned out OK, but more work than value.
Thanks to all for your help and encouragement.