I need a new handbag!

And not a knitted one :??. Looking for black leather, professional look, maybe a hobo style - looking for something that ends up being bigger than the amanda’s squatty or pink lady bag. I want classic - not loaded with ten gazillion chains and stuff. At the end of the day, I don’t want to spend more than $150.

Bring it on !


I spent all day today looking for a new bag, something classic, black and gorgeous, but of course I didn’t find a thing. There were all sorts of really trendy bags in patent and with huge buckles, but I have found it very difficult to find a great bag lately. I would love to find one I could fit my laptop in, but no such luck so far!

I’ve always had good luck finding bags at Ross. They usually have a good selection of all sizes and styles. You’ll have to devote some time to go through them all but I’ve rarely left disappointed. I once found a very nice laptop bag for $20…black, very stylish, but not like your typical briefcase style. It was designed to be a woman’s bag so it’s very functional and has all the necessary compartments. I miss Ross ::sigh::

Hmmm…I just bought a laptop bag for my hard-to-fit 17" screen. I found it at http://kolobags.com. They have some really nice stuff. Some are pricey, but they are good quality.

Do you have a Coach outlet store near you? Thats where I buy my purses. Even if it’s a bit of drive, it can be worth it. Mine is about an hour away, but I’m more than happy to make the trip. Coach bags and accessories are 50% or more off department store prices! :cheering:

Maybe now that I have looked at the local department stores (BLECH) and even 3 tj maxxes as well as massive searches online, I need to go back to the coach outlet. Now that I know what is out there. There is one that is 25 minutes away - maybe will go up this weekend - thanks!

I see you are in Stow, so yes the Coach outlet is a good place to look. While you are at Aurora Outlets, check out the SAKS outlet too. Sign up on the Saks website to get email specials and coupons. They send out lots of coupons. There is a knitting store on RT. 306 also! Since you would already be on the east side, I also like Filene’s Basement for bags. I know you said that you have already been to TJ Maxx, but the the TJ’s on Chagrin seriously has the best selection of bags and clothes. AND, the Knitting Room on Chagrin is closing and all yarn is 40% off. Happy shopping, and hello from the East Side of Cleveland!


PS. I got this Furla bag at Filene’s for $40. The bottom and handles are leather and the rest is a thick nylon. It is a very sturdy but not too heavy bag. Ok, it is not letting me edit to add the picture… I’ll put it in a sep. post.

Here’s the pic.

Have you ever looked at Overstock.com? They have some pretty good prices on bags. I’ve also had luck at TJ Maxx (I got a Coach bag there) and Marshalls. The Coach outlet is really good too.