I need a new bag :( Help please

My cat destroyed my Namaste messenger bag, which, from what I can gather, is no longer available. :waah: I do have an e-mail into Namaste, but it isn’t looking good. I’ve found a couple here and there on EBay and the like, but none in chocolate and that’s really the only guy-friendly color in that style.

I have been out of “the scene” for some time and was wondering if anyone can suggest any wonderful bags for me. I have many (Bagsmith, Mango Moon, and the huge orange zillion pocketed one to name a few,) but none that I love like I loved the Namaste. I have long coveted the Jordana Paige Messenger, but JimmyBeansWool did a video review and it looks a lot less substantial than I had expected and for its price tag, less substantial isn’t what I’m looking for. (I also hear there are complaints of “slouching,” but I’m not sure that would even bother me lol)

I want something fun and dare I say fashionable, but of course functional (I like pockets, but not a zillion pockets, no velcro (learned that the hard way) and large enough to carry at least a couple few projects (not necessarily huge, though, but more than just a couple balls of yarn and the knitting, I liked the sections in the namaste for that, sock here, sweater there, etc.) that I can carry where ever, but also has to be at least [I]somewhat[/I] guy friendly.

Help please! Right now I’m still planning on a Jordana Paige messenger and I’m certain I’d love it (wanted one FOREVER, but got the Namaste instead a few years back,) but hoping someone has something fantastic to suggest that I haven’t heard of yet. :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Price is sort of an issue… I’m reluctantly willing to drop $92 on the Jordana Paige, but I would say that’s the very most I’m willing to spend and would prefer something a bit less costly. (Not saying it isn’t worth every penny by any means, I love them and I know they are well loved.)

I don’t know how this compares to the messenger bag that you liked, but if I were in the market for a bag in that price range, thisis the one I think I’d get.

I’m in love with the Swift. I’ve printed out pictures of the ordering page with the URL and left them in strategic places, like their laptops and bathroom medicine cabinet, so I can be surprised to get it for Mother’s Day.

I know, subtle as a brick.

I actually found that late last night doing a google search for knitting bags!!! it is pretty awesome!!! however, I am already torn over a few things… maybe someone who has one will see this…

  1. The handles seem shortish, like a purse length? I’m a big guy, was wondering how that would work, wish they had a pic of someone carrying it.

  2. torn between the cordura and the ballistic, the olive/cocoa color combo is my favorite, but only in the ballistic and from what I understand, the cordura is the heavier one that stands up well on its own, so I’d have to get kiwi/steel

  3. does it look as cool as the tweed messenger? :teehee: actually, I had purchased a timbuk-2 bag out of the same materials and spent a chunk on it, but it wasn’t terribly knitter friendly. the swift is sort of a timbuk-2 for a knitter… it does look pretty sweet.

the other thing is for the same $ I would spend for the JP, I could add 3 extra organizer cases to the swift and that, i hate to say, excites me more than it should. :aww:

p.s I’m a combined knitter too!!

Have you browsed at eBags.com? They have a wonderful selection of bags of all kinds and in all colors, and they often have great sales. That’s where I go when I need a bag. (They even have a sub-category of men’s messenger bags, but nothing by Namaste.)

I just received my Swift last week and I LOVE it! The quality of the craftmanship on this bag is unbelievable! I got the crimson/black ballistic nylon because I’ve got three little destroyers, ahem, I mean three wonderful boys that love to get into everything. :wink:
I also wondered about the length of the handle. Normally, I like the straps long on my bags/purse so that the bulk of it rests on my hip. But for some odd reason the shorter handles really work well with this bag. It fits perfectly under my elbow and I don’t worry about stuff spilling out when I have to bend over. It’s very light, comfortable, sturdy and just all around perfect!
The stuff sacks are the best part. They are alot sturdier than they look in the pictures. Thin/lighweight material, but tough as nails! I’ve threaded cotton, superwash merino and basic wool through the gromet tab inside and nothing has snagged on it yet.
I puchased an extra short stuff sack, the pencil organizer and medium clear pouch. I would make sure that you order any extra pouches at the same time as your bag, just to make sure they will match.
One of the things that attracted me to the Swift is that it isn’t girly/frilly/floral at all! I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal and I can definitely see this bag as asexual. If you’re concerned with it looking too purse/baggish, you could consider getting one of the Cafe shoulder bags and just add the stuff sacks to it. They cost less, but don’t have the clear zip pockets like the Swift does.
Anyway, that’s my two cents! You won’t be sorry if you get this, it is well worth the price!