I need a mans vest-help!

i just ordered yarn from herein this sahara colorway:

its bamboo, 100 gr / 250 yds, with a gauge of 5sts / 8 rows = 1" on us size 6 needles (10 balls in the lot)
I want to make my dh a vest for golfing, but i can’t find a simple, in-the-round pattern :pout: i wanted something simple, with maybe a cable down the front. :shrug: he is picky and wont wear anything too “girly”(his word :?eyebrow: ) so help me out knitters! he needs a XL. and he needs a new vest (cause i want to make one :teehee: ) [size=7]TIA[/size]

I was just reading Knit N Style magazine for June 07 and they have a men’s cabled golf vest. If you go here you can see a picture of the vest (about half way down.)


it saysit uses Coats and Clark Heathers on a size 8 needle. it also uses size 6 circs, but it doesn’t look like the pattern is written in the round.

It doesn’t look like the patterns are free, but if you are interested and if you pm me I’m sure I can arrange something… :wink:

FYI they also have a women’s golf vest.