I need a little help with a pattern

I thought i would knitt a teddy bear for a girlfriend whos baby is do any day. I am a little stuck at one line in the pattern.

I am currently knitting one of the legs and it is done on straight needles and then stitched. I currently have 40 stitches on the needle.

The pattern reads:

Cont in garter st, inc one st at each end of 6th row (ok I get this)
and 3 foll 4th rows. 48 sts. K 12 rows.

I think this mean that I knit 6 rows and do those increases. Knit 4 more rows and do three increases? Then 4 more rows and do another 3 increases? This would give me 48 stitches. Then knit 12 rows. Am I right?

My other idea was to make these increases over 12 rows but this doesn add up so I am pretty sure that is not right.

I think it means one stitch at each end on the three following 4th rows.

So you’d have 2 from the first increase, and 6 more from the next 3 4th rows, getting you to 48.

OK so I was close. :wink: Thanks Ingrid