I need a hat to go with a scarf....suggestions?

I finally decided my to bind off my seeded rib scarf http://smariek.blogspot.com/2007/10/seeded-rib-scarf.html worked in Red Heart With Love, Berry Red. I’m not sure whether a) I really decided it was long enough, b) I still have enough yarn to do something else, c) I just got tired of it, or d) any and/or all or none of the above.

I want a hat to go with it and I am thinking of working whatever multiple of the rib pattern for the width of the band that will make the lower edge of the hat and then join the ends which will have the ribs going around the head…would that look odd?.. because I want it to actually match the rib patten in the scarf w/o it being stretched and there is plenty of stretch lengthwise. That part I’m OK with, what I am not sure of is how to add the top of the hat. Would it work to pick up and knit in the round once the band is done? I’m also wondering what kind of top would work best, I’m not really fond of a beanie type, I’d like something with a little…shape?.. something more. I still have to look at ravelry to see if I can find something similar to figure it out. Suggestions on what to look at are also welcome.

Yes, you could pick up and knit in the round for the top. If you pick up a few extra stitches (10-20) you’d have a looser kind of slouchy type hat, a lot more stitches would make a beret.

I just saw a pattern yesterday for a hat that did exactly what you’re talking about… more or less. The band was cabled, and then you picked up stitches along the border of the cable to begin the top of the hat. Now if I could just remember where I saw it…

Anyway, to answer the question, yes it would work. And if I can find the pattern again, I’ll post the link. You could easily modify it to work with your ribbed band. At least I would think you could.

Update: This isn’t the pattern I was thinking of, but it looks like what you’re talking about if you want to see what a horizontal rib wold look like.

I don’t know where the pattern I saw yesterday went, but basically (as I recall) you worked the band flat starting with a provisional cast on, then joined the ends with Kitchener stitch, then picked up from the top edge and off ya go!

Thanks, mojo, that is very similar to what I have in mind. I’m looking at various hats to decide how to proceed. I’m thinking I’ll do a beret type top (subject to change without notice LOL). Before I do the provisional cast on I have to decide how wide I want the band to be. I want it to cover my ears to keep them warm so fairly wide I think. My MO is making it up as I go along. I leave designing to people who know what they’re doing.

I “design” the same way, which can lead to some… very interesting pieces. I’ve done several berets (okay, four) both knitted and felted, and they were all based on the same design. If that’s what you’re going for, then you really don’t have to pick up a lot more stitches, just do some radical increases in the first several rounds, then a few even rounds and then start decreases. I recommend rounds in multiples of at least 8 to give you the “flattened” top like a beret. I always do mine top down and start with 8 stitches, so if you’re starting at the bottom, you’d want your last decrease to be to 8. Or more. The other thing I did to get the shape I wanted (which is probably breaking some rule I’m unaware of) was to NOT skip rounds between the even rounds and the bottom … er… increase (going bottom up) or decrease (top down) and to increase/decease every round from the top until I got to about the 7th round (from the top). The part in the middle I did as “normal”, with increases/decreases every other round.

I have some photos somewhere or other… if I can find them.

I think this hat top http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/buggerloo is what I want. The gauge is close enough to what I’ll get that it shouldn’t require much modification. What d’ya’ll think?

Oh yeah! That’s cool. :thumbsup:

Thanks. Remember [I]subject to change without notice? [/I] LOL Here’s another to consider. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/magenta-cabled-hat

Yes, I know, the final decision is mine, but I do want input.

I’m funny about hats myself and would prefer a loose (not shaped) beret type, but this one is cute and if YOU like it then go for it! :thumbsup:

This is the kind of hat I think I’d like. It may look awful on me. lol This is one of my daughters. I think I’ll have her bring when she visits next week.

Your daughter is beautiful! She can wear hats. You made the hat? I look awful in hats and will probably end up giving it away. I maybe should just make a headband/ear warmer and never mind about the hat.

I like that sort of hat too Jan, no beanies or brims, sort of a loose slouchy type beret.

Thank you! No I didn’t make it. I haven’t tried this type of hat yet. I look awful in hats, too. This looks so adorable on her I want to try it on. Of course she looks good in everything, but this is her favorite and doesn’t give her “hat hair.”

I think you should try it if you like it. If you end up not liking it on yourself you can give it away. You’ll have learned something, too!