I need a felted bag pattern

I need a felted bag pattern that is quick easy and fun. The type of wool yarn that i have is: Lamb’s Pride Worsted [(85%Wool/15%Mohair)190 yards] and it wouldnt be a purse without some fuzzy yarn (like a teenage pattern) the fuzzy yarn that i have is: Fun fur Prints[(100%Polyester)57 yards] and i dont have any circular needles all i have is a size 9 needle and size 17 needles (sorry for sounding so demanding but i need it before september when i go back to school)

                                                    Thanks in advance!!
                                                               Jocelyn :heart:

oh wow…umm…hrmmm…have you tried googling “felted purse patterns?”

all the ones i can think of off the top of my head are done in the round…hrmmm…

I could try to buy some circulars but when i try looking for size US 11 16" circular needles i couldnt find them anywhere and when i found them on the internet it was way to much money but if you have any patterns that doesnt use those circular needles plz tell

                                                    Thanks so very much!
                                                               Jocelyn :heart:

Here’s a link to knitting-warehouse.com with a pair of clover size 11 16" circs for less than $7; I’ve recently found this place and now buy all of my needles here. Of course, if you don’t like bamboo, they have several different types

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i really appreciate it!!!

Thanks again
Jocelyn :heart:

teenage :XX:
And proud of it yay![size=7][/size]

Also try looking


I’m currently using Lambs Pride Worsted for another of the Not So Vintage Bubble Bags (in the book Pursenalities)…you must double this yarn for the felted bags according to the owner at the lys.


I must ask, I don’t have the book, can you describe this ‘bubble bag’ that I keep hearing about?! Or…do u have a picture
Thank you, thank you very much

i can’t help with that but her post reminded me that i need to go back to B&N sometime and get that book!

I have the Knit One Felt Two book and that has a lunch bag style tote that calls for 85% wool 15% mohair. They used Brown Sheep in a limeade and hot pink color but of course the color choice is your. I actually want to try this bag, it has a loop for closing and handles for over the shoulder or I suppose you could do them short too. I thought it was cute. I got the book at B&N. :thumbsup:

Joyce made the Not-So-Vintage one. pics in her blog thread. super cute :inlove:! I love the greeeeen, and the fur makes it sassy :heart:!

there’s also couple of pics in my blog thread of the Vintage one.
I make mine wrong tho - actual pattern result will look different.

ooooh, yes, I love that one :heart:! I wanna make that one, and another in the same book that is a rounded shape with magenta bottom and blue and green top with beads :D.

me too me too!!!
my name’s Jodie also! :thumbsup:

I don’t know how easy or quick this bag is, but I always thought it was cute.


I did these. I have chains to hang on them yet and the silver one i will add a tassel and beads. The purple one is for my 12 year old neice and is knitted but not felted yet. These are easy, can be done in one evening.

I just knitted the Fulled Lopi Tote (Amy’s free patterns). I whipped it out in about 3 sittings. I used Lamb’s Pride. It worked out great (mostly). You do need circs to do it though.

Good luck!

Hi InterNette

Those purses are so adorable! Thank you for posting the pic. I’ve also heard people talking about bubble purses and had no idea of what they looked like. I think I’m going to make some for my nieces also!

Thank you.