I need a challenge!

Hi all! I haven’t visited this forum for a while now because I haven’t had much time to knit. But that is what I do: when I start knitting again, I visit this forum every day!
I recently found out that I am pregnant again for the second time:woohoo: :woot: and I want to take up a challenge. Has anyone seen or knitted any baby blankets that are too gorgeous to pass up? I want it to be challenging because I am getting bored with stockinette stitch sweaters and socks. I want to see if I can do more!! I know I could find something on google but I would rather spend my free time knitting thеn searching :aww:
So if anyone has stumbled upon any advanced, take-your-breath-away blankies, I am ready to pay for the pattern!!
God bless everyone and happy knitting!!!:muah:

Try my ‘Spanish Armada’ pattern in a heaviy fingering or sport weight.

Here’s a few …

Okay, this one isn’t hard, but it’s kinda cute and fun. And babies always need more than one blanket. :wink:

First off, Congratulations! I love this and just bought the yarn today to make one. Someone here just finished one recently that looked beautiful.

campbellmom, that is so lovely. I am going to bookmark it right now.

Congratulations! If you do the Curlicue blanket, which I think is really cute, you might want to check Grumperina’s blog, since I think she had some problems with it that she talks about working out.

I assume you are talking about this blog: http://www.grumperina.com/knitblog/.

I will have a look at it and see how it can help.

Wow thank you so much everyone for taking the time to reply!:muah: I just loooooooooove the Mt. Laurel blanket. Quite honestly, I haven’t seen anything like it. BUT… I looked over the pattern and I’m afraid if I start it, I’ll never finish it. It looks so confusing to me!! I guess I’m not as advanced as I thought I was… But I will def. print it out and keep it in my “Someday i’ll be able to knit this” folder.

I couldn’t find it :shrug:

I searched for the term ‘curlicue’ and found some posts.

Try this link: http://www.grumperina.com/cgi-bin/mt/mt-search.cgi?IncludeBlogs=1&search=curlicue