I need 2 test knitters

For my clutch pattern. I’d like one knitter who’s experienced with knitting cables, and one who’s new to knitting cables. It would be cool to have 2 different points of view on the pattern.

The finished project will kind of look like this: http://www.margaretnicole.com/clutches/swc1.htm
Prospective knitters should have lots of patience. I’m new at writing patterns.

Only other requirements is to email or post on kh progress pics.

Re: to this thread or PM me if you’re interested! I should have the first part of the pattern ready in a couple of days.


Materials needed (subject to change)

I’m using Elsebeth Lovald’s Silky Wool. 65% wool 35% silk. Your yarn should be pretty similar, smooth and same gauge.

Gauge is 22sts over 4".

Reccomended needle size is 6, but use needles to get this gauge in stockinette first, but be advised there will be a cable swatch later

A cable needle of your choice. You can use a standard cable needle, a short dpn, or do the no-cable needle method.

DIGITAL CAMERA or some method of getting pictures on the internet

Notions you probably already have on hand:
Notebook to critique my pattern
Tapestry Needle
Measuring Tape
Blocking supplies if you plan on blocking (ha like I’m gonna)

Materials you’ll need later:
Fabric if you choose to sew in a lining
Wooden Handles or zipper insert

I’m interested! I’d fall under the “newb to cables” category. Just give me a heads up, and then I’ll order what I’ve gotta order.

Cables is next on my TODO list… I’ve tried a couple times and understand how to use the Cable Needle… but really have only done like 4 rows of anything cable… so I’m sure I’d fall under the Newb category too… but I’d be willin to give 'er a shot… :slight_smile:

i would be but i’ve never done cables…

I’m working on a pattern inspired on these bags too… giggles :wink:

I have the newbie spot filled, thanks everyone! For those of you looking to try cables, I wrote out a pattern for the small sampler that amy does in her video.

Now I just need the experienced knitter spot filled!

I’m working on an Aran poncho with a lot of cabling so I suppose I’m “experienced”. I would be willing to help.

OMG that is adorable. I’d love the pattern when you’re ready to sell.

I would love to see everyone’s progress and results on this posted on the board or something. :smiley: It would help me learn more, and I just to watch stuff in progress and such.

If I have PM’d you and told you that you’re in, please e-mail me at deniseknits@gmail.com.

:cheering: :cheering: WTG there missy Denise :wink:

TY Rebecca!

U bet, sweetie :wink: