I must have this

I got my chadwick’s catalog today and saw this

Oh my. they don’t show the back view which is a shame b/c the cables at the waist twist around the back. I have to make this! Anyone know of a pattern like this out there?

I’m with you on that. I LOVE That. I wish i was good enough to figure it out on my on. I can make simple patterns but nothing like that!! I will start searching though. I have a lot of mags and i know alot of sites. i will let you know if i find something similiar that we may be able to tweak

That would be great! I am loving the cardigan that is on the cover of the new IK and it’s kinda similar.

Oh my, that is beautiful!!!


not really close, but this came to mind when I saw the photo.

I don’t blame you, it’s so pretty and love the LB pattern, too! Just have no where to wear either one of them…

When I clicked on the photo it took me to a page where it was also shown in red…from the back…
there you can zoom in and see the cables more up close

That sure is pretty too! I am so not experienced enough for that though:pout: