I must have bumped my head

…because I got this bright idea that for our wedding anniversary I should knit my husband a sweater secretly. Now this would be sweet, but our anniversary is August 12th. :shock: I have a couple patterns bookmarked, one of them being thisone. I really want one worked in the round though. Any ideas? Maybe I should just make him a hat and gloves instead. :lol:

go to: http://www.knittingpureandsimple.com and check out their men’s sweaters. Most are worked top-down, in the round and are really easy!

I really like the [B][FONT=Bookman Old Style][COLOR=#996600]Henley Neck Down Pullover for Men # 255[/COLOR][/FONT][/B]! I wonder if thats a top-down/in the round one. I really should have planned this out sooner!

I always sound like a broken record but I LOVE Knitting Pure & Simple patterns, they are fast easy and well written.

I don’t have the Henly pattern…hmmmm maybe I should oreder it (I have a dozen or more of the others) but from the look of it I would guess it is top down.

I have several patterns by KPS and love them!

I knit a top-down raglan in a chunky weight wool for my brother in law. I took my time and it still only took two weeks from start to finish.

I’ve heard lots of good things about KPS patterns. So I’m worried if I go to my LYs I won’t be able to stop with buying just one!

I just came in to agree that KPS patters are very easy to read. I wish they had more patterns of what I am looking for.