I must have bad luck

I ordered Favorite Socks: 25 Timeless Designs From Interweave from Amazon on Monday. I ordered it overnight (I’m thinking of making socks for my secret swap pal,and since we have Amazon Prime, it.'s only an extra $3.99). Well, the book was supposed to arrive yesterday and it didn’t. So I check the tracking, oops it was mis-sorted, discovered late Monday night and UPS didn’t make any effort to get it down to Portland from Seattle (like that’s a long ways to get a book). So it arrives today, and while I like the book, I’m not entirely captivated by it. I’m going to keep it though, because I love pattern books.
But the stupid book has a ripped page! Right through one of the sock patterns that I actually liked. So I have to send it BACK to Amazon (on them). They also refunded my shipping charge and are sending a book out tomorrow, so I’ll get it Friday. But STILL!
On another note, don’t tell my DH but I’ve spent WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much on yarn and needles this week. I got 4 skeins of sock yarn, a 1 lb cone of sock wool to dye, some KP needles, and the Blue Sky Alpacas I needed for a blanket. Ouch, the bank account does NOT thank me!

:oo:i know how you feel (about over buying and pattern books) i placed a co-op order like 6 skeins of peece fleece and some of thier batting! oh lord! i also have bunches of patterns, and who knows when i’llget around to knitting them (i want to but man i am soooo sloooooooow:ick:)

at least you are getting your book replaced and fast too! i have it, and while i like some of the patterns, there are a couple i will probably never ever knit :shrug:

Contact Amazon… they should replace it at no cost, ESPECIALLY since you paid extra for expidated shipping that didn’t happen.