I must be obtuse!

I have been trying and trying to upload an avatar of my little Astrid. It seems that no matter how much I try, I cannot make my file small enough to be less than 12k. What am I doing wrong?

i had to resize my tigger several times before it would work. just keep at it.

What are the dimensions? It can’t be any larger than 80 X 80 pixels. So even if it’s less than 12k, but say 81 by 79, it won’t let you upload.

hosting your avatar on another site sometimes helps too. i host all my stuff on photobucket.com. they have a resizing tool on there too.

Now THAT makes sense! Okay, thanks!

I hope you get the avatar resized; that Astrid is a doll!!!

I use EZ Thumbnail to resize all my pictures.

It’s a free download and so simple to use. :thumbsup: