I must be crazy..... building a house with yarn

I know, it sounds absurd, but it’s true.
It’s going to be on my parent’s property… (10 acres, so there is plenty of room) And they will supply the land for me. :smiley: :heart:
I am have started planning… And since the only real job I have is my market bags, I estimate I need to sell approximately 73 market bags by next summer.
So tell me, exactly how crazy am I?

You want to build a house out of yarn??? :?? :???: Or is it that you’re building it with the proceeds from making your market bags?

That is correct… I am building it with the money I earn by selling my market bags (or stitch markers). :smiley: Sorry… LOL

:roflhard: I was thinking that sounded like bad building material. Plus it would be sacrilege to buy so much yarn and NOT knit with it (or crochet) :wink:

It looks like a cute cottage - just perfect for 1 person or a couple. I would be completely lost and worried that I didn’t include some safety measure or something. Do you have people to help you out? It seems like a neat idea.

I thought you were going to literally build it with yarn, too. :lol:

You’re not crazy, just save the money and consider it a long term investment.

Yeah, I have 8 other people in my family and we will all end up doing something. And in return, I’ll cook for them for the rest of the time I live on this property. :teehee: <Which shouldn’t be so hard, as I already do that…> LOL

What a cool idea! Do you have a link to the things you sell?

Well, my etsy store doesn’t have any market bags on it yet, but my market bags are on my Rav projects page. I usaully make those to order, or sell to stores retail.
My stitch markers (and any thing else I take a fancy to making) are sold here: http://camobutterfly.etsy.com