I missed increases on one side of my sweater...what do I do?

I am working on my first sweater, and I misread the instructions (over and over again!) I should have increased on BOTH sides of the sweater back every 12th row, but I read it as the end of every 12th row. (I did think it was rather ridiculous to only increase on one side!) Now I am at just about to my required length, (approx. 14 inches from beg.) before I start the armhole shaping. I am ready to knit the next 12th row, I currently have 106 stitches, and I am supposed to have increased to 109 long before now. Is there any way to add those missed stitches on the other edge? I just cringe to think of tearing it all out, so I was hoping there was a way to correct it. Should I just increase this next row on both ends (bringing my stitches to 108), and then just fudge a stitch at the beginning of one of my armholes?

Any advice would be appreciated!

I hate when I do that :teehee: … If you don’t want to take it out then I’d prolly add 3 rows and do the Increases on the side that needs it… leave the other side alone… I don’t think with 3sts it would make that much of a difference… if it was more it might have looked funny… you might be able to get by with just adding the 3sts through out the next row though… I’d prolly do the first…but like I said with 3sts I don’t think it will stand out… :happydance:

Hi Sarah, :waving:

How many stitches did you increase in total along the one side of the sweater? If it was more than 3 or 4 then adding three stitches in a short space on the other side is going to look odd.

If you don’t want to rip the whole back I’d probably rip down six or seven inches, then reknit correctly and add any additional stitches to the forgotten side on the sixth row of the 12 row repeat.

Remember, you want to have the same number of rows in the front as the back, so if you adjust the number of back rows you’ll need to do that on the front also or your seaming won’t go smoothly.

The frog pond is never fun :frog: , but it often is the best way!

Good luck!!!