I Might Be Doing A Wedding Next Year

A friend of mine, who lives in California, is getting married in October of next year. He contacted me and asked if I would be willing to perform the wedding (I guess I’m the only ordained person he knows LOL).

I checked with the state of California and found that I can legally perform the marriage there so I told him I would do it. I then realized that I hadn’t seen my ordination papers in a few years (will need them when it comes time to sign the marriage license). I dug through some of my old file boxes and didn’t find them. They must be among the stuff I have in storage in another state (remains from a former life).

I’ll have to contact the church and have copies sent to me sometime between now and next Oct. A small annoyance and minor fee but nothing major.

I’m quite flattered that they want me to officiate their wedding and am already quite looking forward to it. Wonder what I could knit for them as gifts between now and then?

How totally awesome! Maybe a wedding afghan would be nice…plenty of time to do a nice detailed one.

Awesome! I did my first wedding just over a year ago, I’m ordained as well. When I performed the wedding, I didn’t need any of my ordination papers when I signed the license, but it could differ from state to state. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks. I may not need them for Cali, but after reading their laws in that regard I am just not sure. Could be I won’t actually need them at all. Last wedding I did was in Virginia and you’d be amazed at the hoops I had to jump through and the paperwork I had to provide.

I’ll be communicating with them directly between now and then just to be sure of what they require.

If you don’t mind my asking, what church/organization ordained you?

Wow! That’s awesome! I would agree that an afghan would be a good choice. It’s something that they could keep forever and would remind them of you when ever they use it.

That is really something special to have your friend ask you to marry them. My brother has done a few ceremonies and I know it means a lot to him.

I was ordained online…lol…With both the Universal Life Church, and, the Church of Spiritual Humanism. Doing a wedding in MO is really easy, you pretty much don’t need to do anything except be legally able to perform weddings, and, I believe in good standing with any church. I know the laws vary from state to state though.

Wow you are sure a surprising and multi taleneted truck driver.

I think a really complex lace afghan would be in order for a gift. LOL.
Or perhaps just a really nice blanket.

Wow! Is there anything you can’t do? :rofl:

I think its really great that your friend wants you to officiate at their wedding. I’m with the others, a wedding afghan would be a great gift

Ah…I could have asked you to do my wedding…?

You are a man of many hidden talents Mason :slight_smile: I agree that an afgan would be a very nice gift to make and you have plenty of time to do it too.

OK, do you ever watch the sitcom “According To Jim” with Jim Belushi?:teehee:

I was ordained online…lol…With both the Universal Life Church, and, the Church of Spiritual Humanism.
Nothing wrong with that, and perfectly legal. Could be an option if I have trouble getting the replacement documents and find that I do need them.

Congratulations on your friends’ wedding! You are of many talents, it seems. An afghan, as everybody else suggested, is a great idea, I knitted a wedding lapghan for my best friend and her husband a few months ago, i used the Tree of Life Afghan pattern combined with Celtic Knot Afghan pattern. They are both on Ravelry and free! Good luck with any gift you choose:thumbsup:

WOW! Mason, do your surprises never cease?! By the way, what flavor are you ordained in, Mason? You neglected to say…

Ford ikon history


I can’t say I’ve ever seen that show…lol

Surprisingly, South Carolina(middle of the Bible Belt) only requires someone to be a Notary with seal to perform and witness a wedding. I’ve only had one couple ask me to do this and I declined…

Wow, really? I wonder if you have to be a SC notary? I’m a notary for the State of Texas. :slight_smile:

I only dip into this forum every so often. I logged on yesterday and was amazed to see it had been over a year since my last visit. I was wondering what was going on with Knitting Guy and very pleased to see you are still going strong - I love your (quote)boring blog and the descriptions of your various adventures. The beard is pretty big - will you keep it for the ceremony? Is this too cheeky from a complete stranger? Most probably.

This might be a UK thing - but whatever you make it should include something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue for the bride… So that could be a blue-ish thing made out of old and new wool with some of the new wool liberated from others. Not sure if ordained types are allowed to liberate wool - but its a good cause.

The beard is pretty big - will you keep it for the ceremony?

Well, as the friend getting married is a member of a beard related group I run I pretty much have to keep it for the ceremony :rofl:

One my favorite old Greek sayings (reputedly a quote from Socrates) is: “There are two kinds of people in this world that go around beardless—children and women, and I am neither one.”