I messed up!

Help guys! I think I really messed up my yarn from Knitpicks. I got the yarn and I bought the type that I could dye. So I dyed the yarn using Kool-Aid:woohoo: (which was fun) but I cut the hank, like an idiot because it said I should only use 50g of the 100g hank.:doh: Now I just have strings of nicely dyed yarn. What am I going to do because I really want to use it but I don’t really think I’ll be able to do it.Please someone help me before I go crazy! Thanks…

Sounds like you will have a ton of strands for fringes on like throws, shawls and scarves. Or for tassels on hats. All you’ll need to do is some color-coordination.

Kool-aid?? Is that washable? If so, what a wonderful concept!


Thanks for replying back to me. So basically I messed up my yarn? Boo hoo!

What’s the yarn made from? If it’s wool (not superwash), you can feltthe ends together. It would be time-consuming, but you’d at least have yarn to knit!

You probably can felt the ends if it’s not superwash wool, but that would be a HUGE pain in the patoot. I think I’d save it for fringe or toss and call it a learning experience. :shrug:

What I did when I wanted to separate a larger hank was to start making a ball and weigh it…when it got to 50 gms I knew I had half. You can get kitchen scales pretty cheaply.

Thanks for all the replys.I think I might just have to chalk this one up as a learning experience. Oh darn! I have another hank left so that’s awesome right?