I messed up! wah!

I just need someone to tell me lalaroro.

::whimpering:: ok, here we go. I made my first bootee. Its perfect its beautiful! Its lovely.

Second bootee. it starts at the cuff down, then you do the top of the foot. Then you pick up stitches along the foot, front and both sides to create the side of the foot and sole. Well I picked up too many stitches. I thought I picked up two extra stitches on each side apparantly I picked up, Im scared to count but I think 12. so. heres my question. I have to go all the way back to where I picked up the stitches dont I?


If you want your booties to be the same size, then yes. I don’t know how you could eliminate all those extra stitches and not have it show majorly.


:?? lalaroro?

Thanks Ingrid. You were so right. There was just no way I was gona be able to reconcile that mistake. For some reason I really just needed to hear it from someone else that I needed to ::gasp:: rip all those stitches. I went back and ripped over 800 stitches on size threes! It was very painful! I went back and picked up stitches. THis time I only added one extra. I think I can take care of that stinker pretty easily later.

hehehe Lalaroro is what my dad would tell me when I got hurt when I was little.

Well, lalaroro to you then on having to tear out all those stitches. In the end, though, you’ll be glad you did. :thumbsup: