I may be losing it..did i post this already?

I made this little vest for a nephew, and not only do I not remember if I posted a photo here, I actually can not find the vest itself. I thought I had packed it to take on a trip to a family gathering, but when I arrived, it was no where to be found. I don’t see it here at home either.:??

This photo may be the only evidence that I ever made the effort.

I’m not sure whether you posted this before, but I’m sure glad you did now!!! Great job :smiley:

It looks really nice! Great job!! :smiley:

It looks cool!:thumbsup::mrgreen::star::balloons: I hope you find it!:hug::blooby:

I don’t remember seeing it before. It’s nice!

I sure hope you find it though!

Wonderful! I think you may have posted something else…if you’re the person who puts FO’s against timber or natural backgrounds. I like that positioning.

Oh, that is so cute! How old is your nephew? I’d like to make one for my grandson who’s 5. What pattern and yarn did you use?

That is very very nice!

I haven’t seen it before - it’s really great by the way, so I hope you find it! Let us know if/when you do…