I may be joining you guys!

I was at a YS (with my DH) this past weekend that deals primarily in spinning. I spoke with the owners about classes, which they do. My DH was very receptive and very sweet about me learning to spin.

I also happen to be one of the lucky people who lives dangerously close to The Fold (only 20 minutes!) and I see she has lessons. This is making it so much easier.

I’ve been looking through all your posts and today I joined pixie’s mb (which is quite informative, thank PP! :muah: )

I know NOTHING about spinning, but I can tell you, I am so excited about learning. I actually dreamt about it today :oops:

I can’t wait to become a part of this group! :muah: :hug:

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve been wanting to go to the Fold…I’m a little skeered though :shock:

I am no longer a fan of the fold after a bad encounter, but they have a good reputation.

Oh nooooooooo…what was it, may I ask? :pout:

Oh ya know sometimes things don’t work out, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to say and for all I know they could have been having a bad day, but I went with the Copper moose, as well did a friend of mine. Copper Moose and The woolery are who I reccomend.

It was super easy to get my wheel from CM and I got all kinds of goodies with it, 2 bobbins and a maintance kit thrown in for free!

I’ll have to check out CM. My DH was actually on The Woolerys website earlier today.

welcome to the spin side…

I just placed a bid on this



chuckle I just ordered the one with the green wool from her last night-- it ships today- I can’t wait to try it!!

Annie May was wonderful to work with, and she even is willing to help out via email :slight_smile:


Way Cool Andrea! Welcome to the world of spinning!

Eloewien…I blame this on you because I saw your post and had to go check out ebay! :teehee:

We’ll see if I win :shrug:

I did go to The Fold today and scheduled my first spinning lesson!! :cheering:

Yes, ebay can be deadly :slight_smile: I know this all too well!!

Yup…eBay is where it all started for me too…I had this money burning a hole in my PayPal account and thought what the hey, I’ll get one of those learn-to-spin kits…

I won my auction! :cheering:


Today I had my 2nd spinning lesson…first time on the wheel. I love it! Of course, I need a LOT of practice!! She let me bring home a Lendrum double treadle (which is my #1 choice without trying out any). My next lesson is in 2 weeks! :cheering:

I’m so happy I like it because the drop spindle was frustrating me!

Woo Hoo! How cool that you could borrow the wheel!

Spinning is a LOT easier on a wheel, isn’t it? :wink:

:fingerwag: Now, now, let’s not discourage the spindle spinners out there…personally I still find spindle spinning easier than wheel spinning, probably because I took the time to master it because I thought I would never get a wheel. I firmly believe that each method of spinning has its merits, its pros and cons, and neither is the “right” or “better” way to spin. And spindling gets a really bad rap, undeserved, IMHO.

steps off her spinning soapbox :smiley:

That said, :cheering: Andrea! You have a wheel at home to play with!! How fun is that!!?? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Go Andrea! Now if your old man could only find that saliors wheel :teehee:
Enjoy spinning! I love wheel spinning but there is something about using a spindle that brings a lot of satisfaction for me :hug: