I made some row counters

I got stuff to make row counters for X-mas so decided to make some yesterday.Not to bad for first try.Need another pliers to hole the loop when I close it:roll:.The row counter with the numbers is gonna be really nice to use.I swiped the idea from someone else :teehee: I am always forgetting to turn the number:doh: but now I think I will remember now that it will be on my needles.:teehee:

Nice job!:cheering:

Nice work! :slight_smile:

They look great ! You are a woman of many talents hun :slight_smile:

Nice job! And, pretty too!:cheering:

Pretty :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the nice comments:teehee: I forgot to say I also put different colored beads on each side of the fifth loop so I know where row 5 is.I am using the mechanical row counter now on a mitten and love that it hangs on my needles:yay: I need all the help I can get to keep track of counting:roll: on charts.

I understand how the row counter works (the one where you manually turn the numbers), but I have no idea what the chains of loops are for. Can someone explain how these work? Obviously I am a beginner and I always lose count of my rows even using a manual counter. I have tried to remember to make hash marks on paper to help me remember the rows, but alas, I always forget. Now, I try to just do patterns where you count inches instead of rows!

When you start knitting row 1 knit to the middle of the row and then put the first loop on your needle( this tells you you are knitting row 1) then knit to end of row. Knit back across and when you get to the loop slip it back to your other needle BUT put it on the second loop (now you are on row 2).Just keep slipping the loop to the next loop every time you come to it. Hope this makes sense:eyes:

Oh, man, what a great idea! Thanks so much for explaining that!
Finally, something that I think I could keep up with!!

You are welcome.It is just how I use them.Can’t say how other people use them.This just works for me:yay:

SHA-WEET!!! :happydance:
Now I need to figure out how those work…:think:

Lady Violet said-Now I need to figure out how those work…:think:

Go to page 1 and I explained how to use then:teehee:

That is brilliant, simply brilliant! :notworthy:

Hi, Momwolf! :waving:

I LOVE what you’ve created. The rings are particularly super.

Please put this up on the sticky at the top of the General Knitting section - “Knit Tips and Tricks”. It’s so good lots of knitters should see it!

Thanks and very well done! :yay:

Happy knitting! :knitting:


I love these and I think I’ll make some of my own. I forget to move the numbers on the counter, too, unless it’s on my needles…and sometimes even then! Right now I’m using some yarn through the counter and a ring tied to the yarn, but there’s too much yarn in the way (lol).

I absolutely love my mechanical row counter on a ring :yay:
Glad everyone likes my row counters .Thanks for the great comments :hug:

I think you should put those up on Etsy and make yourself some extra cash. Then you could do some serious stash enhancement. :wink:

I LOVE that idea!! I continually confuse myself with the mechanical row counter when I resume a project…do I START with row X or did I END with row X :teehee:

Thanks for the inspiration, momwolf.

I made my own row counter and added rings to my mechanical row counters. They are now much easier to use!