I made my own stitch markers!

Ok, they aren’t very cute at all. But they are wire with beads and fit on a needle. I actually dissected an old necklace I had made for some of them. I guess like knitting you get better with practice!

I think they are nice :slight_smile:

I prefer reusing things rather than throwing them away, anyway.

Stitch markers don’t really have to be fantastically beautiful, do they? I mean, they serve a purpose but the only one who sees them is you. The hand made ones are easier to see on your work than the little clear rings I bought. I Think I need to make my own too, but at this point, I haven’t any old beaded necklaces I can take apart, and buying beads for them seems pointless. lol.

Nice job! At least you didn’t just think about it!

As for beads… try the thrift store. My 6 y/o daughter would be able to tell you that you can get some pretty amazing beads there. Naturally when you are 6 knitting markers do not rank higher than dress up clothes but… you are perhaps not so inclined?

Great idea with the wire. I have some which I love from my secret knitter pal, however, I find the metal loops sometimes snag on my yarn (depending on what I’m using).