I Made My First Needles! :o)

I needed size 13 DPNs and couldn’t find it at the store nor to trade here. So I made them per the instructional video. It’s the last link here:http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/basic_techniques/misc.php

They were SOOOOOOOOOOO easy to make and I got 6 needles for $1.49!!! I started whittling away, but then I grew a brain and decided to use that makeup pencil sharpener that has a larger hole (which I never use)! I might still whittle away a little just to make that pointy angle less, but it works!

you rock!

So cool! I wish you could make your own Nickel plated needles!

Great idea, greater bargain!

OMG, those are so cool! Thanks for sharing! Whatcha gonna make with 'em?:thumbsup:

I had some dowels in my hands the other day when I was at JoAnn’s but then put them back because I figured I’d never get to them. However, when I was in the aisle where the kid’s craft stuff was, I found a bag of really neat round rubber cord in all kinds of pretty colors which I think might be the ticket for making your own circular needles. They had pastel colors and brights and florescent colors. And each piece was 1 meter long.

When I get a break, I’m definitely going to try my hand at making my own circulars.

Thats so awesome:thumbsup: I like making my own needles too I did circulars and i got 4 sized with 1 dowel ( 16", 24", 32" and 40"):cheering:

I made size 11’s a while back. FUN! and cheap, too! To get them REALLY smooth, try wiping with a damp cloth and then sanding again. I also rubbed my very lightly with mineral oil and it made them look so pretty. Wipe VERY dry! So pleasing to MAKE them. :thumbsup:

Has anybody had luck with smaller sizes? The dowels look kind of flimsy, so I haven’t tried.

I used a matte polyeurethane on mine when I made them. one coat of poly, sanded, 2nd coat of poly, sanded again with very fine sand paper.

Turned out perfectly. …until one got shoved under a couch cushion and i broke it…

So, where’s the best resource for the dowels? Michaels? JoAnn’s? The hardware store?

And what size did you use for the 13’s? I just realized that I need 13 DPNs and I don’t have them. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I need them NOW!:waah:

I got mine at Home Depot, but I’ve heard HObby Lobby has a big selection, too. Take your needle gauge thingy along and find a dowel that fits size 13. A LITTLE too big is okay–you can sand them down.

Here’s a tip: When my son was helping me make mine, after cutting the dowel into equal pieces, he put one end in the drill (as if it was a drill bit) and turned the drill onto a grinder. I did the same thing against sandpaper to make it smooth. It went pretty fast this way. It works better on one end of the needle than the other, but that way one side is SUPER easy to do. If you don’t have the equipment to do this, a pencil sharpener works, too, but makes the tips a bit longer. HAVE FUN WITH THIS! :thumbsup:

what do you use for the other end? Just wondering, I might make some of my own. It is a really neat idea!!:thumbsup:

The other end you do the same way, but it’s harder to get the dowel to stay in the drill. You can always hold it, but you have to twist by hand. YOu can also do it with a knife like Amy shows in the video.

Those are so cool! I have a friend that makes her sock dpns out of the shish kabob sticks you get in the grocery and she makes a few sets for a couple of dollars!
I’m with Conti, wish I could make my own nickle plated…sweet.

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I used you in a post on my Sex and the Knitty blog. www.sexandtheknitty.blogspot.com


They look great. I’ve only made a cable needle and have a lot of the stick left over.

Your needles look great. will have to try making some.

Way to go!!!:cheering:

I did this awhile back and loved doing it - very easy. I used schulpy clay and made a bead for each end of my needles.

I’m also teaching a few middleschool girls to knit and the next time we meet we are going to make our own needles. I purchased the smaller dowel rods - about the size of a pencil. I’m using a pencil sharpner - it is a bit safer than a sander.

We are then going to make schulpy beads for the top. I also found in the wood crafting section of our ACMoore, a bag of wooden balls that fit perfectly on the end of the dowel rod. A little sand paper, some polly - new set of needles.

Someone mentioned to take your needle gauge to pick out dowel rods - never thought of that, thank you!!!