I made another tights,at last!

I took almost for ever-to make those tights!!!
I’m happy-it’s finished now!!!

You are an angel to knit those for her. I’m sure they help hold her body heat and that works wonders for her arthritis. Very kind and considerate of you.

What a lovely gift! They look really warm and comfortable.

As usual, your knitting is always great! Lovely work!

Those are lovely! I can see why they would take a while to knit.

She’s a lucky lady to have a friend like you, those look so nice and warm.

Beautiful work :thumbsup: How thoughtful of you to make these for your friend!

Awesome Lima!!! What a wonderful friend you are!

They are a wonderful gift. Wow, I admire your persistence. That much ribbing would take me a long time. How thoughtful of you.

:muah::hug: :muah:

Indeed, she must be very happy about them. They look wonderful.

Awesome tights, Lima! :cheering: What a lot of work. A wonderful gift. I hope your friend is a knitter so she knows the amount of work in these, so she can truly appreciate them.