I made an oopsie!

so i finished my first hat ever last night, and im pretty impressed with myself! the only downside is i didnt notice till i was almost done that i had accidently dropped a stitch. :help: I didnt feel like frogging back or fixing it because it was in the middle of the decreases and i would have gotten lost if i tried. So, im happy with the hat, only i have a random dropped stitch just hanging out on the top, any ideas on what to do with it? lol, im tempted to just pull it to the inside of the hat and somehow tie it??? i dunno


That’s what I would do!! Been there, done that and it looks fine!

Been there, done that too.

If you take a piece of the same yarn, and pull that stitch through to the inside, and anchor it with the yarn, weave in the ends, you shouldn’t have any trouble! Just make sure you don’t pull it tightly, it should look like the other stitches. It works fine! samm

Yup! Go for it - I’ve BTDT too.

me 2 :teehee:

It’s in the trash! The scarf I have been knitting on for my daughter is history! I was knitting out of Patons SWS yarn. That yarn splits, and it’s horrible to frog. I discovered that something didn’t look quite right with it and it suddenly dawned on me what it was. Early on I had reversed direction, so a couple of the blocks were going in the wrong direction!

What to do, what to do! I said, frog the thing back to the error and re-knit it. WRONG! That yarn would knot up, stick to itself and when the yarn broke I said, enough’s enough!

I’ve now started on another entrelac scarf, this time with Vanna’s Choice in a nice variegated color (Autumn Print).

Aggh no! Don’t throw yarn out! Send it to me, I’ll untangle it.

Too late, Suzeeq, it’s already covered up with other trash, however I do have one full skein of the yarn I used if you want it.

More of the SWS? What color?

It’s “Natural Crimson”, color no. 70532, dye lot 79544 07.

Hmmm, that won’t blend in with either of the colors I have. But see if someone might want to swap for something you want.

I think I can take it back to the LYS I got it from and exchange it for another skein of something. Just don’t know what yet.

Hey there ya go!