I made a snail

Wanna see?

A friend of mine has a thing for snails. She is expecting her first baby and I thought she might like a snail toy.

Didn’t have a pattern, so I just winged it.

OMG - that is so cute! I’m sure she will love it.


Very cute. Adorable!!!

Alas, there is no pattern. I just started the shell with 30 stitches and reduced it two less stitches and one less row every color change. Then I sewed up the seam and stuffed it a little and coiled it and tacked it together.

Then, with the green I picked up the stitches on the inside of the shell rim, knit a row or two even, then started increasing. Did some short row stuff for the head, added some extra rows for the tail, crocheted then attached the antenna/eyes. Crocheted a base, sewed most of it on, finished stuffing and viola! A Snail!

Maybe I should sit down and write a pattern. Maybe. But it was really pretty easy.

Our craft at it’s best. Isn’t if fun to start doodling and have something recognizable happen?

I love the way it mystifies people!


That’s a pretty cool snail!!! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone with a thing for snails - pretty neat. You are a thoughtful person. :muah:

Very cute.

That’s awesome!

I can’t believe that cute toy is a winged “it”!

Rosemary, it’s so cute, and I HATE snails! The only thing I have for snails and slugs is salt. But now I want to make one, 'cause I don’t think I’ve seen a cuter gastropod in my life!

I hate snails, but that one is cute! :teehee:

That is just soooo adorable!!! even my bf loved it when i showed it to him!!

That is TOO cute! I think that really speaks to your creativity and skill that you could wing it (and so successfully, too!) like that with something that looks a) really complicated, and b) really great! Awesome job. Now I want a snail, too! :lol:

That’s a knitted pet i haven’t seen yet:teehee: Looks wonderful and you made it without a pattern, you’re very talented!

Adorable my dear friend. You are so clever :slight_smile:

:happydance: that looks wonderful!! She will love it…

That’s adorable!! Great job and amazing that you were able to “wing” it.

Very, very sweet.

I think your friend will be delighted.

[CENTER][B]Holy cow! You sure did make a snail![/B]