I made a reverse knit (double knit) hat

Marabrigo on both sides
it almost killed me for the first 7 rows or so
I had to TINK 2 rows at one point
showing bothsides, and one with part inside out with my daughter holding it


DOH forgot the pics

That is such a pretty hat! I bet it’s ssssssoooofffffttt! :teehee:

and warm, it just perfectly hugs my ears
and I can roll the edge up if my ears are ok

That’s cool. I tried it but couldn’t do the double knitting, hence my recent FO’s of the “siamese hat twins” style.

Beautiful! I couldn’t think of a better yarn for a hat - so cozy!

What a great job!

Very original!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!

Looks great! I really have to try that technique sometime.

That’s so cool. I haven’t tried double knitting yet. And just when I was thinking I might, you mentioned tinking back. I’m not sure that ripping out or tinking back on such a knit would be very fun.

:inlove: very nice! congrats! :inlove:
double knitting!!! :notworthy: