I made a pink scarf!

how does it look??
that size is 7’11" in length

its gorgeous against your skin!! what yarn is it? i love the texture

Very nice! I like the color!

Very pretty…great work! :muah:


Your pink scarf looks great! I’m newcomer, so I am just reading through some of the posts now. Happy Knitting!!!

that is gorgeous!

I like skinny scarves. It looks great

Nice scarf!

It’s beautiful and so is the wearer!

You look very pretty in pink!! Your scarf turned out really great, good job! :thmbsup:

:yay: It looks great!!

It looks sooooo nice and soft. I love the color!

Very nice! I’m working on a long skinny scarf for myself, should be done around next Fall. :teehee:

Great job!!! Congrats on a beautiful FO!

wow! thank you so much

i want to thank you all i really really apprieciate the comments!!

i read every single one!

Very pretty, great job! :cheering:

Very very nice it looks great!

That’s scarf you can wrap around to keep you neck really warm. It looks great!