I’m so confused

I usually have my working yarn coming from the stitches I hold in my left hand. I looked away to adjust something and now my working yarn is on the stitches coming from my right hand. I can’t figure out what I did and kind find anything online to help explain to me how to fix it. Everything I do to try to fix it does nothing it still ends up coming from my right hand instead of my left. I’m fairly new at knitting any advice would help.

Hi Lauren, Welcome to KH.
I’m guessing you’re doing all knit stitches, garter stitch, and both sides of your work look the same. If so, all you have done is turned your work around, swapped the lefthand needle for the right one and all you need to do is turn it back the other way.
With garter stitch it helps to put a stitch marker.or safely pin or even a scrap of yarn on the front (RS - right side) to help keep track easier.
Hope this helps

If you knit in a any ‘standard’ right handed knitting method, the yarn will always be attached to the stitches on the right hand needle apart from at the beginning of a new row when it will be joined to the left hand needle.

When at the beginning of a row, stitches are on the left needle. Yarn is coming from the first stitch on the left hand needle. The right hand needle is empty.

When you work the first stitch the yarn goes through the stitch creating a new stitch in the right needle, dropping the old stitch off the left needle. The yarn is now coming from the stitch in the right needle and will continue to be joined to the last stitch on the right needle until the end of the row.

Perhaps you got confused about where the yarn came from?
I agree the work can get turned accidentally. When you pick work up mid row the yarn should normally be attached to the right needle stitches, those which have been worked already.

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