I’m new!!!

I’m wondering how to turn these into chunky yarn patterns. I’ve never been here before so please be kind and if you need any more info let me know! Hopefully you can see the photos… if not I may need help finding out how to.

There is a free pattern available, is that what you were after? Or you already have the pattern but want to specifically make it with chunky yarn instead of DK?

I like the design but they are crochet patterns and I’m looking to knit them with size 6 yarn. I’ve never crochet before so the patterns confuse me. Thank you for replying!

Welcome to the forum!

There’s a free baby elephant pattern here but it’s for worsted weight yarn not for chunky yarn. In chunky yarn it would be bigger and you might have to modify it to get the proportions right (scroll down).
Also one here but again not in chunky yarn. This one is in DK.

You can use any elephant pattern for knitting and use the yarn you want. The thicker your yarn the larger your elephant will be. I’ve done the same cat pattern in various thicknesses of yarn and they all turned out fine, I think an elephant should too. When I searched on Ravelry for patterns specifically using size 6 yarn (super bulky) I got two hits.


If you’ve not joined Ravelry it’s free to do so and it gives you access to great features. I’ve never been spammed via Ravelry either.

Ah, I didn’t realise you wanted to knit, not crochet.

What about one of these?