I’m confused with asterisks

I understood * in a pattern to mean repeat… but I have a pattern with 2 s so don’t understand where to repeat to and from.
First part of pattern- P2
yo,k1,yoP2* to end of row.
Does this mean to keep repeating between the asterisks (yo knit 1 yo purl 2)until end of row?

Two asterisks, parentheses, or brackets are often used to mark a repeat. If the (yo, k1, yo, p2) is within them, then repeat those steps. In your pattern, the stitches will be increasing as you work the repeat.
(The program on this forum used asterisks when you want to italicize text.)

Thank you so much for your help! I tend to start knitting late at night after everyone is settled down and I’m still unwinding after a busy workday. It’s a great way to relax but sometimes I get stuck on a pattern issue,and it has the
opposite effect :flushed:.

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