"I Love Yarn Day"! Oct 14, 2011

The Craft Yarn Council has declared that October 14th, 2011 will be designated as “I Love Yarn Day”!
:cheering: :woohoo: :cheering:
If you’re like me, EVERY DAY is “I Love Yarn Day”. :teehee:
But, if there is an official day of yarn-loving, I’m all for it!

They are recommending that we make the day special, by teaching someone else to knit or crochet, making something for charity, wearing a knitted or crocheted item, giving a gift of yarn, taking yarn to work, having a “yarn-a-bration party”, or using yarn in public.

What kind of plans will you make for “I Love Yarn Day”?

As a team building/moral boosting/time killing project, I decorate the calendar in our desk area every month with co-worker’s birthdays, real holidays, and “bizarre” holidays (today was National Tell-a-joke day, dontcha know?). I Love Yarn day is DEFINITELY going to be on the calendar!

Wow this is fantastic Shandeh. I will present the idea of people making preemie blankets, hats, etc for one for our local inner city hospitals.