I love this website!

I was intrigued by seeing people knit on the train but didn’t know how to get started. So I stumbled upon your site and learned all the basics by watching your videos. Now I can create a lot of things I draw out to make on scarfs and shawls. I am still having trouble reading some of the patterns that I find on other sites because the don’t always use the terms I find in your websites dictionary. I just want to thank you for creating this website. I have a new hobby and my family loves the gifts:muah: :heart: :woohoo:

That’s awesome! Welcome to Knitting Help!

After awhile you understand all the terms and interchangeable terms for most patterns. It’s like a new language and having to learn all the slang terms. :teehee:

Wow, thank you! Ask about terms or techniques or anything knitting or crochet. Welcome to KH. We’re glad you’re here.

Ditto! I love it too!! I’m teaching myself through these videos. I just registered today and I’m excited to be reading the forums. I came across this post and had to jump in. I’m really greatful for this site. Thank you.

You’re welcome. And welcome to KH, too!

Welcome to KH. If you get stuck on a term, you can ask here or if you don’t want to wait, try googling it. Most likely you will get a description, as well as a video showing you how to do it.

Also, don’t hesitate to show us your finished objects. We love to see what you’ve done.

There’s a glossary at the top of the page as well. I know when I was new that googling brought up way too much stuff and was confusing at first so it’s okay to ask, too.

I suggested googling it because OP was talking about terms NOT covered on KH, so yeah, googling, even if you have to weed through some fluff, is worth the effort sometimes–especially if you need a visual! Besides, a quick look at url’s can help you find a YouTube video in double-quick time!