I love this site

I have been knitting since high school and have always wanted to learn the continental method of knitting. Now I have finally found a place that actually teaches it. Thanks a lot. :muah:

Welcome to Knitting Help! :waving:

Be sure and post plenty of pics for us :wink:

I’m a newbie here too, but welcome! I’m still learning English knitting, but will eventually try continental.

Have to agree it is lovely here. I’m glad to have found such a great knitting site. :happydance:

:waving: Welcome :waving: I’m an English knitter and I’m comfortable with that, but when I’ve got time to just practice I’ll learn Continental.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

welcome!! :hug:

i love it here too.

i’m working on my first stranded project and learned conti from the video here. i’ve been english for about 2 years, but i can see how conti would really speed up my knitting - i think i’ll work on getting more comfortable with that.

Welcome! :waving: