I love this place!

:yay:cloud9Everything I need or desire is here! Ok, maybe not everything. But everything with knitting. As a new knitter, I am unsure about the simplest things. The website and videos and members are incredible. I want to thank everybody! :woot: Everyone is so supportive. Thank you thank you thank you.

Welcome to the KH forum addiction! :teehee:

It [I]is[/I] a great place with great people.

I look forward to seeing you around.

Welcome!!! Don’t be shy to ask any question, everyone here are soo helpful:cheering::cheering::cheering:

Welcome to the forum! Hope this place can inspire you to make great looking projects!

I love it as well! Welcome to the fun :slight_smile:

Welcome, this site has taught me to knit :woohoo:Ok not very good yet but getting there :frog:
And everyone really is so helpfull :cheering:

Welcome!!! :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard! Isn’t this place awesome?!