I love this knitted tote!

I just found this pattern and this is going to be my next project. So far I have not been able to find the Trio yarn locally. I have one more LYS to call and see if she has it. If not I’ll have to order it online. See below…isn’t it pretty!!?
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That is cute!!

I really like that too!

I want to make this so badly! But I have so many projects on the board right now, it’s not funny.

I’ve had my eye on that one for a while, but I can’t find the yarn, either.

i actually have the yarn and the colors in the picture. i started making it and had about 1/3 of it done when i found that i had somehow messed up the seed stitch and couldn’t seem to frog back to where the error was. :?? i never started it up again cuz i got distracted by every other pretty yarn i found that needed to be worked too! :wink: someone (sorry i don’t remember who after all this time) had told me that the yarn is really flimsy so the bag doesn’t really stand up as pretty like it does in the picture unless completely full. They had frogged theirs after they were done with it and found something else to do with the yarn.

one of these days i will dig it back out and start it again. i had started it when i first started knitting so i am thinking that i will get through it much quicker this time!

I was able to buy the yarn :smiley: from Royal Yarns.com. I saw the yarn on ebay then when I emailed them asking if they had the other color I needed they told me it was on their website…Royal Yarns. So I ordered it and got a $5.00 OFF for placing my order online. I got the yarn today only FOUR days after ordering!! I am impressed and will be confident ordering from them again. :wink:

The yarn is much “thinner” than I expected. The balls are small too. So now I am wondering just how big or SMALL this bag will end up being.

I think a Chenille yarn in pretty colors might work just as well. That was my thought when I opened the bag and saw the yarn.

I need to buy the circular needles this weekend then I will begin the bag. I’ll let you all know how it comes out. :XX:

that’s one of the first patterns that I ever bookmarked after learning to knit. I thought it would be pretty in recycled silk.

That is a cute bag… what weight is the yarn? I would definitely have to sub for something I can get here.

:smiley: Ok the ball of yarn says the following:

Crystal Palace Yarns

55 yds/50 gr
2-2.5 sts/inch
us sizes 11-15

Handwash or machine wash gentle cycle or dry clean

50/50 nylon/polyester

I plan to start the bag tomorrow. I’ll let you all know what I think. :XX: :XX:

it is essentially a tape ribbon kind of yarn. you could probably use any ribbon that is around 1/4 inch wide (that is my perception of what the width was…i would have to be at home and digging to the bottom of my knitting basket to actually measure it!) i would think.

Dang! I just saw someone was selling some Trio at Elann and rushed here to let you know…

Well, if anyone else is interested, http://secure.elann.com/swap/available.asp on 4/3. No idea about seller or price - just enabling!

I printed that pattern out when I first started knitting as well. Never did find the yarn…I love those colors!

Yes, the yarn is a ribbon yarn but on both sides seems to have a light weight chenille in various colors on it.

I’m almost half way done knitting the bag. Its very easy to do. The braid around the top worked out nicely too.

Funny thing tho…I don’t see where it says in the dirctions to use the SECOND ball of the multi colored. It tells you to use it for the handles and the braid around the top. Then it tells you to finish using that same ball for the body of the basket then tells you to change to the first color again using the second ball of that and begin decressing. Well meanwhile I have a whole ball NOT USED yet of the multi!! So I am just going to continue using the multi which will make the bag bigger then do the decresing with the second ball of first yarn color. A bit confusing but I think I’m right on track. :XX: :XX:

MY bag came out nice! You could use a chenille yarn and make it also if you can’t find the Trio. It’s a medium size bag and and was very easy to do. I am “storing” some Knit Picks sock yarn in it for their “Tulip and Gingham” pattern sock yarn that I ordered.


I’m going to need a spare room just for my knitted bags! Or I’ll be putting a bag on every doorknob in my house. lol :XX:

Do you have a pic?? I would love to see it!

Does anyone know if this would be a good sub for the Trio? My best friend is trying to get there on Saturday and I need to make up my wish list for her!

I can’t see anything because the session has timed out.