I love this feeling

I just started a new project tonight, and I love the feeling of wanting to knit, kn nit, knit!! I have started my first sweater. I needed a project to get started so I’d have something to take with me for our vacation. I’ve already looked up the yarn store closest to where we’ll be (ocean city, nj) so I can go there if I get stuck on something. I just realized that I forced myself to stop knitting so that I would go to bed, but instead, I’m sitting in bed on this website!! Okay, I really need to stop now! It’s late plus there is something wrong with my keyboard so if my post has extra letters in it or something, that is why. Wish me luck with the sweater!!

Margie :XX:


you put into words exactly how i feel about this too! “I love the feeling of wanting to knit.” :smiley:
as flabbergasting as it can be, the feeling of even remotely knowing you can do this and how such a personal “in my own little world” hobby can also be shared with zillions of others it sooooo KEWL BEANS to me :thumbsup:
oh, and Luck to the n’th power to ya! :XX:

Yayyy! Another knitting addict to add to the collection already roaming around… and another Pennsylvanian! Hiya! :waving: My DH grew up right around West Chester!

*shakes head sadly…you will be in this position more often than you know…
Have fun with your sweater in NJ! :thumbsup:

spread the knit love :heart: :XX:

[color=green]GOOD LUCK!![/color] :XX:

Whoo-hooo!! :cheering: Knock it out da park, baby!! :thumbsup:

:smiley: [color=orange]GOOD LUCK!![/color]…And welcome to the world of the knitting addict!..have you begun socks yet :wink: …now here you will find your fun and the biggest addiction of all :wink:
Happy Knitting :thumbsup:

yeah i find myself a little panicky on sunday evenings if i realize i have finished whatever projects i am working on (or gotten them to the point that i can’t transport them without the pattern instructions) and i don’t have anything to go in my bag for the week. i start looking around for other silly little projects to get started and THAT is how i end up still being awake at 2am on Sunday night… :rollseyes:

Exactly my problem, too. Must. Have. Something. To. Bring.

I’m already worrying about what I’m going to bring to the big opening of school staff meeting on Sept. 6. I need something that doesn’t need too many directions to refer to, that’s not too big, and that’s not dumb. I’ve started lots of sweaters at meetings just for the ribbing. but 3 hours of blah, blah, blah, is more than I can bear without my crutches.

ya one of my coworkers wants me to make a scarf to match her hat and gloves that seems like a good project to take on the FIVE hour drive to my cousin’s wedding. seems like something i could stick in my purse to take toooo the wedding too :rofling: okay no i can’t do that cuz i would really have no control over myself and i would be sneaking in stitches during the vows :roflhard:

:roflhard: Yes, there are occasions where knitting is a kno-kno!

:roflhard: You guys are cracking me up today!! I also have had the frantic “OMG – I need another project, AND fast!!” And I’ve also had to sit and think, “hmmm – would it be rude for me to pull out my knittting now?” :rofling: My hubby has had more than his share of rolling his eyes at me as he realized I am knitting (when I probably shouldn’t be !) The last eye roll was during a family pontoon ride – I was in the front of the boat with everyone behind me – I was ooing and ahing along with the family at the various wildlife that was being pointed out. However, I never actually looked up because I was learning to turn my first heel! Evenually, I was busted when it became obvious that the only thing I was seeing was the knitting in my lap!


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: omg that got me giggling so hard that when the lady i was holding for came to the phone she had to think i was just freakishly delighted to hear her voice

I just love the feeling of starting a new project! Good luck and keep us posted!

And then there’s the endless dilema of knitting in class. In a big class, you can get away with it, but not a small class, and sometimes you know you need to take notes, but you just want to knit!

Too bad all my classes are really small next semester. No knitting at all!

My kids are wondering what I’m sitting here laughing at!!! I’m so glad to hear all your stories of wanting to knit, where not to knit, etc- it makes me feel good to know that I’m not a freak!!! (or at least not the only one!)

I swear, my knitting bag has become like a SECURITY BLANKET to me! I bring it with me EVERYWHERE, “just in case”! :oops:

[size=6]Me too!!![/size]

Me three. But I never thought of it as being odd. I think it’s the mark of a knitter. You never know when you’ll be stuck waiting. :XX: