"I Love This Cotton" shedding

I recently made a sweater for myself from “I Love This Cotton”. It was wonderful to work with, came out terrific, and feels like a dream—but it is shedding like crazy, even after 3 washings. Has anyone else had this experience, or did I just get a bad batch? I hate to think that this beautiful sweater is doomed! While wearing, I’m getting small dust bunnies on the undersides of the sleeves and along the sides; and when I take it (slightly damp) out of the dryer, the bunnies are roaming all over it! :wink:

Is it 100% cotton??? It sounds like it’s a cotton blend…like blending cotton with angora, or another combination. I had this happen to me, too, but the yarn was a blend. Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora! Bah! It acted up just as you’re describing. And it pilled like crazy, too, and didn’t hold it’s shape either.

Later on, I read a review about this yarn. On Knitters Yarn Review. She spoke about how blending cotton with an animal fiber can be tragic.

Noro has been pulling this lately, too. Tossing in a certain amount of cotton. Ugh. Cotton and animal fibers are not a great pairing.

You didn’t mention your cotton by name. So I’m just relating my experience with cotton blends.

The yarn is called I Love This Cotton and it’s Hobby Lobby’s house brand. It is 100% cotton and a lot softer than sugar/peaches and cream because it’s a long staple cotton fiber.

So if I were using this yarn, I’d try for the Russian Join rather than all the weaving. Knitting a swatch and trying both types of transitioning would be worth it. One swatch with weaving the ends, etc. and the practice would help you perfect the weaving so you don’t leave lumps or bulges. The other swatch with the Russian Join, and practice would help perfect the join area so that the area isn’t too thick.

I think it’s worth the time to perfect any type of transitioning from one skein to the next, or one color to the next. I “practice” with stuff like this all the time, cuz all yarns don’t act the same, and the stitches aren’t all the same either. Stocking stitch is the least forgiving of crappy joins.

Soft is the word for it! I’d like to knit undies out of it!:teehee:

Are you replying in the right thread? The question was about shedding, not how to join it…