I love this afghan


What do you all think? Sorry about my messy thread. I forgot that Lion Brand makes everyone sign up before they can see the link.

That is a beautiful afghan! Looks like it would take me probably about a year to finish though! :roflhard:
I don’t think I’m quite ready to tackle a project like that!

Very pretty!

I agree … it’s beautiful!!

That is lovely! I think I’ve found my sister’s Christmas gift!

It is certainly a stunner. Also I think you could take any one block, repeat it and make a gorgeous afghan. I love it too!

FANTASTIC! And it’s designed by one of my favorites: Nicky Epstein! That is a double WOW WOW!

One of the first sites I found besides this one was Lion Brand. I love the afghan and I know my to do list will get bigger. I have never done a knitted afghan but I am up for a challenge. Thank you for posting the pattern.

That is cool! I love the different blocks. Reminds me of a sampler quilt. The blocks would be enough to make it interesting as you wouldn’t be doing the same thing all the time, too. Definitely a to do list winner.

Very awesome. Lots going on with each block. Were you thinking about the same color scheme?

It’s lovely,and I hope you enjoy making it ~

I keep coming back to this beauty!

Well, I’ll tell you one thing: If I knit it…I will knit it seamlessly, using the intarsia technique between squares, 3 per row…then when the first row of 3 blocks is done, change colors and continue row 2 blocks with 3 other colors, and on up to the last row of blocks!

No seams! No catty-wampus-itis!

This blanket was knit like that:

I’m so terrible. I wrote this thread the other day and didn’t really come back. I’m so busy with my 2 yr. old! LOL :happydance:
Anyway, this afghan is on the lionbrand.com website. The yarn is all Vanna White yarn which I must say is pretty fun to work with. LOVE all the colors they have and it’s pretty darn soft considering its acrylic. I was able to check all the craft stores online and found that Michaels had Vanna yarn on sale. So, I got all the same brown yarns…for about $32. in total. Not too bad. I had a few errors but I’m loving this afghan so far. I agree with the poster that said it changes a lot and keeps your interest. It sure does! :woot: