I love these kind of hats for babies! (pumpkin,strawberry)--

:wink: I think they are TOO cute. :slight_smile: I don’t have the patterns for any of them but they don’t look too hard. :wink: (p.s. I think the pumpkin one would look cute (for Halloween) with a black, jack o lanter face pattern knitted in, fair isle style. :wink: ) …

(here’s a flower, and a pumpkin and a strawberry hat. :wink: … ) :

OMG those are SO cute … I especially :heart: the pink one!!!

OMG… Is that a naked sheep or alpaca?

Gorgeous!!! When my lad was a baby I used to buy so many hats. I would have loved to have had these :heart:

Now he is 20 years old he hates it when the photos come out on nearly every one he has a hat on :roflhard:

:hug: Sharon

I love the pumpkin one especially for this time of year. :muah:

Here is one pattern I found for it…


I made the pumpkin hat from knitting.about.com (free pattern). I ended up using some ribbing at the bottom which takes away from the pumpkinny look a bit, but I really don’t think the roll brim would stay on a baby.


It’s a baby alpaca, a “cria”. :wink: :slight_smile:
Oh that is where the pattern is from candicane? Thanks! :slight_smile: