I Love the Mailman!

I came home Monday from my trip and found all kinds of packages by my door!:woot:

There was a Knit It! magazine from Lion Brand, a package with the baby blanket KAL, another box with the belt sander I just bought on ebay (can’t wait to make more needles with THAT!) and THIS: My first Knit Picks order. La la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Lots of WOTA to make two pairs of clogs and the cool market tote in red, yellow and blue that I have saved somewhere in the bowels of my computer.

Wish I didn’t have to work today! I wanna knit!

Do the happy dance. :happydancing: That nice to find after being away from home. My LYS has discounted a large amount of yarn to make room for more (buy 7 get 4 free). I can’t wait to get there today. :happydancing:

:happydance:Don’t you love it when your yarn finally comes???

which baby blanket KAL are you doing? I am looking for one to join in, as my 2 cousins are expecting in October and November. Yeesh…

I wish my mailman loved me as much as he obviously loves you!
Wish I could get my hands on all those goodies.

Wow, I wish my mail was that exciting!

yep… I love it too when you come around the corner … look at your doorstep and see PACKAGES… all wating for you~!:inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove:

I’m a part of the Baby KAL. I’m sure you can jump on board. This is my first KAL and I’m totally psyched about it.