I love surprises!

:smiley: I must say…there’s nothing quite as sweet as a friend :smiley: I am grateful to be blessed with such dear friends :heart:
Today I found this wonderful note & keychain from my dear friend Kelly K :heart:
There’s nothing like a surprise from a friend :smiley:

[color=red][size=6]THANKS, KK…muah :wink: [/size][/color]

That was so sweet of her :smiley:
I like you put it on top of the grass for a photo. Very artsy. :thumbsup:

Oooooo that’s a gorgeous color!

:smiley: She’s such a sweetie!!

The surprises keep coming today :smiley: Lonnie came home with 2 dvrs…“Now u can record your knitting shows on dvd, Babe” and then, just a few minutes ago…"Oh, I ordered a yarn winder for you; I think it’s like that one you saw in that store, " from Lonnie; he saw me looking @ one in a yarn store when we were out of town a couple of weeks ago :smiley:

I’m blessed with great friends and the best :inlove: husband :inlove: in the world :wink:

What a thoughtful hubby. Yes, you are blessed and thanks for sharing such sweet stories and passing it on.

What an adorable keychain and note! That Kelly sure blessed your socks off, huh? :smiley:

No pun intended, either. :eyebrow:

That KK…too sweet for words. Of course, you are pretty great too Becka…so you deserve nice surprises!

:smiley: Yes, indeedy…I am VERY BLESSED with great friends and an OUTSTANDING husband, who surprises me constantly :D[size=1] I’m very spoiled[/size]
:smiley: Thanks, Kemp…u r too sweet :wink: