I love sales!

I just ordered 2 skeins of Lorna’s Laces sock & Cascade Fixation, and one each of Noro Sock and DIC Smooshy sock, all for $50 and free shipping. Yikes! I really need to stop looking at sales.:aww: Now I have to figure out where to hide it from DH.:teehee:

Good deal! Where exactly is this sale??:mrgreen:

where is the shares???:?? You can’t possibly keep all of it to yourself!:pout:

Was this at Knitpicks? Come on, we’re dying to know!

Yes, please tell us!!! Not that I in any way [I]need[/I] it, but all that for $50 is just:passedout:

It’s at http://www.knittingzone.com. They’re having a leap year sale. 29% off all regularly priced items, and free shipping over $50. It’s only good through the 29th. I’ve been eyeballing all those yummy yarns for awhile now waiting for them to go on sale. YAY! Can’t wait to try them all out!:cheering:

Edit: You have to add the discount code “leapyear” (minus the quotes) at checkout to get the 29% off.

Yeah a good sale is great. I took advantage of KP’s clearance sale to order yarn for a sweater.